• Oil Water Separator

Oil Water Separator

The ecosep SL is an oil-water separator that is so efficient it allows 99.9% of condensate to be discharged into the foul sewers, eliminating off-site disposal costs and helping to protect the environment.

Discharging oil contaminated condensate from compressed air systems is not only harmful to the environment, it is probably illegal. Water we have used and contaminated with oil finds its way back to the natural water courses and degrades the source of our supply.

The ecosep SL, which operates without an external power supply, ensures that the oil content of condensate meets legal disposal limits by taking it under pressure from the compressor drain and passing it through a 5-stage cleansing system.

The five stages - a centrifuge, a vortex generator, an oil weir, a pre-filter and a carbon cleansing stage - provide an efficient and economical solution to stringent trade effluent discharge regulations.

The Ecosep SL is easy to install, operate and maintain and quickly returns its cost when compared to conventional disposal methods.

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Oil Water Separator

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