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As one of Australia’s leading compressed air and gas purification companies, we have a broad family of products designed to eliminate your compressed air supply of dust particles, airborne vapours and any other variety of contaminant.

We understand all the problems that your business can expect with highly contaminated compressed air; production downtime, unsafe working conditions, high equipment repair costs, product reject costs, missed deliveries, unreliable equipment, and polluted work environments.

Economical, Safe And Flexible

Zander's range of filters has solved successfully, over many years these problems using a modular range of purification equipment.

The Zander microfilter range delivers all the benefits you would expect from Champion:

  • Economical, thanks to the newly developed environmentally friendly filter media.
  • Safe, thanks to the compact and easy to service construction.
  • Flexible, with the range inclusive of five filter types.

These filter types include:

Microfilter Series V


99.99% efficient for particles 3 micron and larger
Microfilter Series ZP 99.99% efficient for particles at 1 micron

Microfilter Series XP


99.9999% efficient for particles 0.01 micron and larger
Microfilter Series A Incorporates oil vapour adsorption
Microfilter Series XPA Gives technically oil free and clean air

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