• Desiccant Dryers

Desiccant Dryers

Compressed air is the fuel that drives most modern industries today, often representing the most vital part in the whole production process. But compressed air contains many unwelcome impurities, including water, that will rapidly wear pneumatic machinery, block compressed air lines and even damage finished goods.

Desiccant dryers lower the dew point of compressed air by absorbing the water vapor in the compressed air onto the surface of the desiccant. Twin towers allow the inlet air to be dried in one tower while the desiccant in the other tower is being regenerated (dried).

Zander, a world leader in dryer technology for over 25 years, offers you protection, safety and quality together with optimum economic efficiency across their entire range. The Zander Adsorption dryer treats your compressed air that requires a dew point of -25°C or better via two adsorber vessels that continuously work in parallel, one drying by adsorption and one desorbing.

The Zander KEN-MT range is field proven in many climate conditions and is ideally suited to the hot, humid and dusty conditions of the Australian environment. The many advantages of the ecodry KEN-MT include:

  • Self cleaning wedge wire desiccant support on the wet side.
  • High efficiency desiccant.
  • The main and blow-off valves are separately controlled.
  • Over dimensioned and reliable non-return valves.
  • Precide monitoring of the load on the dryer in systems where compressed air demand fluctuates.

The Zander K-MT range combines proven reliable elements of adsorption technology in a clear impressive concept. Some advantages of the K-MT include:

  • Adsorber profiles manufactured in one piece.
  • Directly controlled main and exhaust valves in leak free design.
  • Compact non-return valve combination.
  • Self-cleaning sieve screens on the wet side.
  • High quality desiccants ensure constant quality of the pressure dew point for the application.

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Desiccant Dryers

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