• Condensate Drain

Condensate Drain

The auto-drain ED3000 automatic drainage device is an intelligent and dependable control system that only removes the unwanted condensate out of your compressed air system.

Ideal for compressed air systems with volumetric flows of up to 60,000m3/h, the ED3000 auto-drains are level-controlled and comprise two chambers to ensure there is no compressed air leakage unlike many other units available which are time-controlled with intervals that are inevitably either too short or too long, since condensate levels are variable.

A non-wearing magnetic-core level-control system monitors the condensate level between two switching points in a collection chamber. As the maximum level is reached, the electric drain valve opens and the condensate is drained into a second chamber until the minimum level is reached in the first chamber. When this happens, the valve closes. This minimum level is set to ensure no loss of compressed air.

The ED3000 is available in five models to handle condensate levels of 1l/h to 53 l/h and one service kit is suitable for all five models.

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Condensate Drain

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